Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Minutes from 6/16 Meeting (approved 7/28/14)

Monday, June 16th, 2014

President Jacobs called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM and guest, Clint Hiett, led the group in the flag salute.  Directors Jacobs, Schendel, Wilkey, and Hayhurst were present.  Director Stapp had not yet arrived.  There was one guest, Clint Hiett, in attendance, and he had no public comments/questions to address.

President Jacobs motioned to accept the Minutes of the May 19th, 2014 Meeting, along with the Financial Reports for May of 2014 as presented.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously, with Director Schendel abstaining from the vote due to his absence at the previous meeting.

The Correspondence file was offered for review and the Directors passed it around to look through it.  President Jacobs called attention to a letter received from resident, Lucille Riddle, who expressed her growing concerns about the neglected condition of some of the homes in her neighborhood.  The Secretary was directed to write a letter in response, to let her know that we share her concerns and will continue reporting the incidents she had specified to us.  We will ask that she continues to contact San Bernardino County Code Enforcement to report any further incidents as well, so that our combined voices will be heard and our continued efforts can make a difference.

Barstow Heights Park was addressed.  The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed.  President Jacobs asked the Secretary to update the Board about the situation we’d had getting more “rodent gas cartridges” ordered to continue exterminating the Ground Squirrels.  Director Stapp entered the meeting at 6:09pm and apologized for being late.  The Secretary explained that there had been a few setbacks in getting more of the gas cartridges ordered.  She had to first get approval from the State Wildlife Services program and then couldn’t submit the order right away due to a price increase that put the final cost of the shipment just above her $200 a month spending limit.  President Jacobs suggested that the item could just be added to the list of “Bills” to be approved near the end of the meeting and the Board would address it again then.

The Plaque to honor Barbara Kelley was addressed.  The Board agreed that the wording that began with “In Memory of…” was what they preferred over the use of the words “Dedicated to”.  The Board began discussing the location/placement of the pedestal on which the Plaque will be installed.  At 6:19 PM they took a 5 minute recess to walk outside to visually examine the exact location and help determine the ideal placement for the pedestal.  The Board returned and reconvened the meeting at 6:25 PM.  Director Wilkey motioned to approve the wording of the Plaque as presented and that the pedestal be located just outside the chain-link fence at the front entrance to the park on Rimrock Rd. (on the right/west side of the opening).  Director Hayhurst seconded the motion.  Director Stapp asked if the Board was certain that the location was on our property.  The Board agreed that the property line had to be much closer to the road since the fence is so far back from the street and the water company’s fence next to ours extends so much further out than ours.  Motion carried unanimously.

Bid 13-03, the new Covered Picnic Areas, were addressed next.  President Jacobs reported that after looking over the engineering plans further, Wade Harris confirmed that to meet ADA requirements, additional permits will be necessary which will add to the price of the Bid.  Also, because there is “cut and fill” involved in the work, the engineer will need to come back and put “cut and fill” stakes in the ground which will be another slight additional cost for us.  Additional grading, concrete sidewalks, added permits, and required inspections are likely to add another 21% to the cost of the contract increase for a total increase of 32%.  Director Hayhurst added that she was confident that because of the force being applied to us to meet County requirements and that because it came unexpectedly and through no decision of the Board or the Contractor, that approving the additional costs to fulfill the District’s contract with Harris Construction and get the job done as the County requires is all that can be done.  Director Wilkey agreed that re-bidding the job would only slow progress further and there was no guarantee even then that the County would approve new/revised plans, as their requirements can and may continue to change again as the project progresses.  The Board agreed that they could only continue to move forward with the work that has already been agreed to and approved, as the County permits us to.  Director Hayhurst motioned to appropriate up to an additional $17,000 to pay for the unanticipated additional work necessary to complete the project.  Director Stapp seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  President Jacobs will let Wade Harris know and the Secretary was directed to follow up with an e-mail to Harris Construction to let them know that they can proceed.

The Plaque to thank Dorothy Davis was addressed next.  Director Wilkey suggested a slight change to the wording the Board had agreed upon at the previous meeting.  He felt that changing “…dedicated to…” to “…dedicated in memory of…” sounded better.  The Board agreed that it was a good suggestion, directed the Secretary to revise the wording, and also decided to wait until the project construction is in progress before determining the exact location for placement of the Plaque.  The Secretary was also informed that the Directors had noticed that evening that a large tree branch had fallen in the park, and to please notify Mark Gerardi about its necessary removal in the morning.  She agreed that she would do so if it wasn’t already taken care of by the time she arrives at work the next morning, as those things are usually noticed and fixed by the City very quickly.  The Secretary was asked for an update on the Wood Chips that were low and needed refilling and she reported that the Wood Chips were delivered (half to the fitness station center at Venner Park and half to the playground area at Barstow Heights Park) at 7:30am on Thursday, June 12th.  Turboscape, Inc. sent a larger truck this time and sprayed into place 80 cubic yards of treated wood playground chips (an increase, up from 60 cubic yards last time).  The price had increased to $47 per cubic yard (up $2 from last year) and the entire cost of the delivery and installation was $3,760.00.

Venner Park was addressed.  The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed.  Director Wilkey had one additional thing to report about an incident at the Park.  Mark Gerardi had reported to him that a child (girl) had fallen and hit her mouth on a cross-bar on one of the slides at Venner Park.  The family had informed the City, but didn’t intend to file an “official” report of the incident.  We currently do not know any names or further details about the situation, but Mark Gerardi did follow up with the family to check on the girl’s well-being and to let them know he had inspected the slide and cross-bars to make sure everything was as it should be (all equipment was original as it came from the manufacturer and had been assembled properly).  Terri Peralta, also with the City, sent Director Wilkey an email to confirm the situation and he will include copies of that correspondence with the Quarterly Safety Review Report due to SDRMA in August, as well as an update on any further details he may learn. 

President Jacobs requested an update from the Secretary on the letter she was asked to send to the County regarding the numerous cracks in our Roads.  The Secretary reported that it had not yet been sent due to a few questions that she’d had about it.  She had been asked to send the letter to the offices of County Supervisors, James Ramos and Robert A. Lovingood, as well as to the local County Roads office.  Director Hayhurst explained that the Secretary should not send a copy of the letter to Lovingood after all, as she had learned since the previous meeting that it is not proper etiquette to involve another Supervisor, even when in a neighboring district, as it might imply that we are not satisfied with the response we’re getting from our own district Supervisor (when we are satisfied and do not want to give the impression otherwise).  The Secretary will make sure that the letter requesting help goes to the County Roads office as well as to District Supervisor, James Ramos only.  Director Hayhurst also reported that she had called Code Enforcement regarding the dangerous obstructions at intersections that we have concerns about and was transferred to the Fire Department before calling the County Supervisors office to ask who she should talk to.  Finally, resident and friend Beverly Lowery was able to confirm that the County Roads Department was the correct organization to notify and that as a fellow concerned resident, she would let them know since she has a regular meeting with and a good working relationship with them.  Director Hayhurst will update the Board again once she has more information about what kind of response we might expect.  Director Schendel suggested the Board consider hiring a “tractor for a day” to help any residents or land-owners that are in need to clear the corners of their properties for free if there is enough interest.  The Board agreed that would be a great idea to pursue if the County Roads Department isn’t able to help remedy the situation sooner.  Director Stapp expressed his concern also about the uninhabited properties with naturally growing creosote bushes as well as homes that have obstructing brick walls and fences built too close to the street.  Director Hayhurt stated that the Board could wait until next month to write a letter addressing the dangerous intersection situation with the County Roads, to allow the Board a little more time to determine where and which intersections are most in need of clearing.  President Jacobs reminded the Board that there are more than 30 miles of Roads in the Heights, so it likely won’t be something that can be resolved in just one day or even one month.

The General Manager reported that she had an appointment scheduled for R. Sanchez Roofing to come and give an estimate to repair the roof (water leaking in when it rains) the next day (Tuesday 6/17).  The Directors asked her to have Ralph peek over at the roof covering the Restrooms also while he is up there to see if it appears to need any work done as well.  She also reported that she had an appointment to meet with the new Accountant, Deb Bolton of Stewart’s Tax Service, for the first time on Wednesday, July 2nd, so they can get started using QuickBooks for all of the District’s future Book-keeping.  She continues to keep the website (blog) and Facebook page (106 followers) updated.  Director Wilkey asked if the Secretary had seen his message sent to her through Facebook.  She had not.  He reported that neighbors should be on the look-out for a white male, nicely dressed, going door to door representing GE Alarm systems. He had an ID badge, but sounded fishy, so his wife told the man to leave. Then when they called GE alarm to ask about it they were told that they don't do door to door soliciting! They reported it to the Sheriff and Director Wilkey asked the Secretary to please warn residents of the potential danger through Facebook.  The Secretary thanked Director Hayhurst for helping her to purchase QuickBooks at Costco recently for use in the office.  Director Hayhurst reminded the Secretary to ask the new Accountant about how/where to get another copy of the District’s 401(c)3 designation letter that she had been unable to locate.

President Jacobs requested the Directors’ reports.  They had nothing further to report.

President Jacobs asked the Secretary if there were any additional bills to be paid.  She indicated that yes, there were three more in addition to what was listed on the Agenda:  The Verizon bill for $90.32 had just arrived, plus the Costco receipt for the purchase of QuickBooks (reimbursement to Director Hayhurst for $155.19), as well as the Rodent Gas Cartridges purchase from USDA APHIS Wildlife Services for $217.46).  President Jacobs suggested that the statement he saw in the Correspondence File from State Comp. Insurance Fund for $1055 annual coverage be added also, so it can be paid for all at one time.  Director Schendel motioned to pay the bills as presented.  Director Hayhurst seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

There was no New Business to address.  No Executive Session was requested.  The next Regular Meeting was scheduled for Monday, July 28th, 2014 at 6:00 PM.  The meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM.

Submitted by:
Jen Rubio - Secretary/General Manager

Friday, July 25, 2014

Agenda for 7/28 Board Meeting

Monday, July 28, 2014 - 6:00 PM

1.   Call to Order and Flag Salute

2.   Roll Call and Recognition of Guests

3.   Public Comments/Questions

4.   Consent Items:    Minutes – June 16, 2014
                              Financial Reports – June of 2014

5.   Correspondence

6.   Parks:        Barstow Heights:    Safety Check List and Ground Squirrels
                                                            Dedication/Plaque to honor Barbara Kelley
                                                            Bid 13-03:  Covered picnic areas
                                                                        Engineering update
                                                                        Plaque to thank Dorothy Davis

Venner:                       Safety Check List
7.   Roads
            Response(s) to requested repairs
            How to remedy the obscured intersections

8.   Conflict of Interest Code

9.   General Manager Guidelines (review/clarify/update)

10.  Purchases (Printer for the office and Roof repairs)

11.  General Manager’s Report

12.  Directors’ Reports

13.  Bills:         Edison - $117.96         State Comp. Ins. Fund - $845.00
                        Terminix - $38.00       Verizon - $91.00

14.  New Business

15.  Executive Session – Litigation GC54956.99 (A) and Personnel GC54957.1

16.  Adjournment

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A quick warning to residents...

A Barstow Heights resident reported that neighbors should be on the look-out for a white male, nicely dressed, going door to door representing GE Alarm systems. He had an ID badge, but sounded fishy, so the resident's wife told him to leave. Then when they called GE alarm to ask about it they were told that they don't do door to door soliciting! It was reported to the Sheriff. You can never be too careful! For your own safety (and to prevent potential burglaries), it would be wise to not allow unsolicited salesmen/strangers into your homes, no matter how "nice" they might seem.