Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Minutes from 6/22/15 Meeting (approved 7/27/15)

Monday, June 22, 2015

President Jacobs called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM and Director Stapp led the group in the flag salute. Directors Jacobs, Stapp, Wilkey, and Hayhurst were all present. Director Schendel had not yet arrived. There were no guests in attendance.

The Consent Items were reviewed. Director Stapp motioned to accept the Minutes of the May 18th, 2015 Meeting, along with the Financial Reports for May of 2015 as presented. Director Wilkey seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The Correspondence file was offered for review. President Jacobs asked Director Wilkey to take and review the insurance policy received from State Compensation Insurance Fund, so that he could report back to the Board at next month’s meeting his opinion as to whether or not the coverage is optimal. Director Schendel entered the meeting at 6:05 PM. The Directors determined that they did not wish to participate/vote in the CSDA Board Election. President Jacobs highlighted an update letter received from the San Bernardino County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector that reported that the allocation the District can expect to receive from the County during FY 2014-15 will be approximately $59,000.

Barstow Heights Park was addressed. The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed. The report was clean and there were no deficiencies noted. Regarding the Ground Squirrels, Director Hayhurst updated the Board that she had sent an email to Perry Dahlstrom, General Manager of Golden State Water Company, to remind him about his offer to help control the Ground Squirrels inside the water tower compound. He seemed receptive and she hopes to see some progress made with that situation soon. President Jacobs asked if the extermination gas cartridges had been ordered yet, and the Secretary reported that she had sought approval through the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services and will be able to get them ordered through Pocatello Supply Depot once approved.

President Jacobs reported that the Pedestals and mounted Plaques to honor Mrs. Kelley and Ms. Davis had been completed and look really nice. Director Stapp expressed his concern that after inspecting them last week, both Plaques appeared to be poorly attached (not sealed around the concrete) and that he believed that it appeared as if someone had already tried to pry them off. President Jacobs said that he was there when installed, and that they were pressed into the wet concrete as well as bolted on, so he was very surprised to hear that they didn’t stay embedded in it as it dried. He will follow up with John Rowe to get them fixed with a more permanent seal as soon as possible. Director Hayhurst reminded everyone that the choosing of a date for a Cake Cutting/Plaque Dedication Ceremony be put on the Agenda again in August, so that it can be scheduled perhaps sometime in late September or October.

The updated list of Long Range Plans for Barstow Heights Park was reviewed. The Secretary was asked for an update about the new park equipment on order, and she confirmed that the order is still expected to arrive approximately July 15th. President Jacobs volunteered to let John Rowe know when they will be arriving so he can add the job of picking them up, assembling, and installing them at both parks, to his schedule. The Board discussed and determined the exact desired locations where the new additional picnic tables (2), barbecue grills (2), trash cans (4), and benches (8) will be installed at each park. The Secretary updated the Board that a technician from Southern California Edison had contacted her in an attempt to meet, but it was on a Monday when she was out of town and was not available. She is still expecting another phone call and a visit from the technician to discuss and determine the options for adding a street lamp to the East side of the basketball court, and may need to follow up again repeatedly, as they were slow to return her calls. Director Stapp shared his opinion that the Board should prioritize the addition of shade canopies over the playground equipment. On a sunny day he had observed the children not enjoying the playground at Venner Park because the plastic surfaces were way too hot to touch. The secretary was directed to begin contacting companies now to request estimates for the purchase and installation of shade canopies over the playground equipment areas at both parks, so that the work might be completed by next Summer. Director Hayhurst also brought up the need to have weeds removed between the outside of the chain-link fence and curb alongside the parking lot on H Street. The secretary will work on getting that remedied also.

Venner Park was addressed. The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed. The report was clean with no deficiencies noted. The updated list of Long Range Plans for Venner Park was reviewed.

The Office Building and Compound were addressed. The Secretary updated the Board that she had mailed the check to order the new message center (bulletin board) from Belson Outdoors three weeks ago as directed, and that it should be shipped by late July and arrive by August 1st. Director Hayhurst had talked with some of her friends at the gym who also use Venner Park for fitness boot camp, and asked for their input as to what kinds of fitness equipment they would like to see added there. They were happy to have been asked, and she expects that they will let her know their recommendations. Director Wilkey informed the Board that the fitness boot camp participants had left and are storing some of the tires and ropes they use to work out with behind the restrooms at Venner Park. The Secretary is also still waiting on contractors to come give her some estimates for ceiling and interior dry-wall repairs that include filling, patching, and painting.

Director Wilkey read the Safety Review Report aloud. Director Stapp motioned to approve the Safety Review Report. Director Hayhurst seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. Director Wilkey signed the report so the Secretary can mail a copy, along with the newly-adopted Safety Policy (approved last month at the May 18th Regular Meeting) to SDRMA, as is the established procedure.

The new Compensation Policy (Resolution 2015-3) was reviewed, approved, and adopted by the following roll call vote:

Richard P. Jacobs, President                          Aye
Daryl R. Schendel                                             Aye
Robert M. Stapp                                               Aye
Paul V. Wilkey                                                   Aye
Jeanette L. Hayhurst                                        Aye

The President and Secretary signed the Resolution to make it official.

The Secretary updated the Board about her progress with the Policies and Procedures Manual. She had received by email, copies of sample policies from the Auditor, Paul Kaymark, that will be helpful references to her as she begins writing the new Banking, Purchasing, and Sick Leave Policies. Director Hayhurst informed her also that she would soon have another sample of a Purchasing Policy coming from the Helendale CSD to use and draw content/ideas from as needed. The Secretary will provide a list to the Board at next month’s meeting that includes an outline and schedule of each policy that needs reviewing/updating.

The General Manager reported that the QuickBooks Checks had arrived and that she had learned how to print checks out from the computer to pay all of the bills in June. She was excited that the Director’s checks were all printed out this time and that bill paying will now be an easier task. She had also received a packet of information from the Elections office that included forms she needs to fill out and return by July 1st, and that she would be letting the Director’s know as soon as she knows (very soon) exactly when the deadlines for Candidate Filing would be. The Secretary also provided the Directors with a notice from the Auditor that she was asked to share with them for informational purposes. She was then directed to contact the Auditor again right away to schedule the date when he will come to share his Audit Reports with the Board (she will request Monday, November 16th specifically).

President Jacobs asked if there were any Directors’ Reports to discuss. Director Wilkey shared his concern about a tree near the South entrance at Venner Park that has been missing its wooden support pole and was now bending over and taking a beating on windy days. The Secretary will ask Mark Gerardi if the City can replace the pole and attempt to help the tree. President Jacobs reported that he had met with the former Secretary for dinner before she moved away to Texas recently. He updated her on the Parks and they had a good discussion about future improvement ideas for the District. He wondered if it would be appropriate to ask to be reimbursed for the cost of the dinner that he had paid for, since they had talked a lot of business and the meeting was one last chance to show appreciation to her for all that she had done to serve the District for 17 years. She will continue to be a resource that the current Secretary can reach out to for help if needed, and the Board did not oppose the reimbursement.

President Jacobs asked the Secretary if there were any additional bills to be presented. She indicated that there were two new receipts not listed on the Agenda. Director Hayhurst motioned to pay all of the bills as presented including reimbursements to President Jacobs ($36.93) for the former-employee appreciation dinner and to Director Stapp ($25.88) for the new basketball nets he purchased and replaced at Barstow Heights Park on 5/22/15. Director Schendel seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. There was no New Business to address.

The Board of Directors went into a closed Executive Session at 7:05 PM to discuss personnel (third annual employee evaluation), and the Secretary was excused from the meeting. The Secretary was asked to join them again for discussion and the Board reconvened to a Regular Session at 7:20 PM. President Jacobs motioned to increase the salary of the Secretary/General Manager by $1.00 per hour, to begin July 1st, 2015. Director Hayhurst seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The next Regular Meeting was scheduled for Monday, July 27th at 6:00 PM. The meeting adjourned at 7:22 PM.

Submitted by:  Jen Rubio - Secretary/General Manager

Friday, July 24, 2015

Agenda for 7/27 Board Meeting

Monday, July 27th, 2015 - 6:00 PM

1.   Call to Order and Flag Salute

2.   Roll Call and Recognition of Guests  

3.   Public Comments/Questions

4.   Consent Items:   Minutes – June 22nd, 2015
                              Financial Reports – June of 2015

5.   Correspondence

6.   Parks:        Barstow Heights:    Safety Check List and Ground Squirrels
                                                            Long Range Plans
                                                                        New picnic tables (2), barbecue grills (2),
                                                                                        trash cans (2), and benches (2)
                                                                        Street Lamp added to East side of basketball court

                        Venner:                     Safety Check List
                                 Long Range Plans
                                                New trash cans (2) and benches (6)
                                                Shade Covers for playground equipment
7.   Office Building & Compound:  Long Range Plans
                                                                        Bulletin Board
                                                                        Interior wall/ceiling repairs

8.   Notice of Election – November 3rd, 2015

9.   Policies and Procedures Manual – Review Schedule and Outline (revised)

10. General Manager’s Report

11.  Directors’ Reports

12.  Bills:         Edison - $115.19         Terminix - $40.00       Verizon - $187.64 (June and July)
                        San Bernardino County Treasurer - $15.80 (LAFCO annual allocation fee)
                        State Compensation Insurance Fund - $960.00 (annual premium)

13.  New Business

14.  Executive Session – Litigation GC54956.99 (A) and Personnel GC54957.1

15.  Adjournment

Monday, July 13, 2015

Notice of Election 2015


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a general district election will be held in the

in San Bernardino County,
on Tuesday, the 3rd of November 2015,
for the following offices:

Member, Board of Directors, 4-year term, Number to be elected 3

The qualifications required to be a candidate for the above offices are:

At the time nomination documents are issued, a candidate must be a registered voter residing within the district (and division, if any).

Official Declaration of Candidacy for eligible candidates desiring to file for the above elective offices may be obtained from either the Barstow Heights Community Services District office, 28075 Rimrock Rd, Barstow, CA or from the San Bernardino County Elections Office of the Registrar of Voters, 777 E. Rialto Avenue, San Bernardino, CA, starting on July 13, 2015, and filed no later than 5:00 p.m. on August 7, 2015 at the Elections Office of the Registrar of Voters.

Furthermore, please be advised that the Elections Office will be conducting Candidate Filing in Hesperia at the Hesperia Branch Library on Thursday July 30, 2015 from 12:00pm – 7:30pm. Candidates wishing to file as candidates are encouraged to call the elections office at 909-387-8300 to schedule a time (to allow for less time spent waiting for assistance) or feel free to walk in on that day.

If by 5:00 p.m. on August 12, 2015, only one person has been nominated or an insufficient number of persons have been nominated for the above elective offices or no one has been nominated, and if no petition requesting that the election be held has been presented to the officer conducting the election, appointment(s) will be made as prescribed by Section 10515 of the Elections Code.

Si usted necesita una copia en espaƱol de este aviso, por favor contacte a la oficina del Registro de Votantes al (909) 387-8300.

 Date:  7/14/2015                                   
 Registrar of Voters
 By: Audilia Lozada
 Deputy Registrar