Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Minutes from 4/27/15 Meeting (approved 5/18/15)

Monday, April 27, 2015

President Jacobs called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM and the Secretary led the group in the flag salute. Directors Jacobs, Schendel, Stapp, Wilkey, and Hayhurst were all present. There were no guests in attendance.

President Jacobs requested a motion on the Consent Items. Director Stapp motioned to accept the Minutes of the March 23rd, 2015 Meeting, along with the Financial Reports for March of 2015 as presented. Director Hayhurst seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously, with Directors Schendel and Hayhurst abstaining due to their absence from the March meeting.

The Correspondence file was offered for review. President Jacobs read a letter from the General Manager/Secretary requesting to take her one week of paid vacation time this summer, during the week of July 7-9, 2015. Director Stapp motioned to approve the request. Director Schendel seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Barstow Heights Park was addressed. The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed. The report was clean with no deficiencies noted. The report also stated that sink faucets in the Men’s and Women’s Restroom had recently been repaired. President Jacobs reported that the Ground Squirrels seem more determined to survive, but that he would continue to be more determined to get them with the gas cartridges he’s been using. The Secretary reported that Critter Busters would be coming on Wednesday 4/29 to inspect the office area and park and give a free estimate of the cost to control the Ground Squirrels. The secretary was told that while they do offer trapping services, trapping will only catch one squirrel at a time and is more expensive. As an alternative to trapping, the company suggested using baits and bait stations that are more affordable and more effective.

The outdoor Plaques to honor Mrs. Kelley and Ms. Davis were discussed. The Board took a break from the meeting at 6:12 PM to go outside and look at the park together to determine the exact location where they would like the Plaque to honor Dorothy Davis to be located. The meeting reconvened at 6:20 PM and the Board agreed that they would like to have the Plaque mounted on a cinder block pedestal to be located in the grass between the fork in the sidewalk that runs North and South between the two new covered picnic areas.

The Long Range Plans for Barstow Heights Park were addressed. The Secretary reported that the planting of three new Trees and the installation of the Deep Watering System that the Board had approved at the previous meeting had been completed by Unique Landscaping as of Wednesday 4/8. The Board was happy with the job that had been done. The purchase of additional Picnic Tables, BBQ’s, and Trash Cans from Pilot Rock (also known as the RJ Thomas Manufacturing Company, Inc.) was addressed next. After some discussion, Director Wilkey motioned to approve the purchase of two of each item listed on the price quotation, plus eight of the athletic benches totaling approximately $7,000 for everything including  the shipping by freight charges, permitting that a location to ship, unload, and store it all is secured. Director Schendel seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. President Jacobs will contact Mark Gerardi to ask if the City would be able to help provide the District with a location where the items can be delivered, unloaded by fork-lift, and securely stored briefly until we hire a contractor to pick up, assemble, and install them at the Parks. The secretary will continue to research options for adding a street lamp to the East side of the basketball court.

Venner Park was addressed. The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed. The report was clean with no deficiencies noted. While discussing the Long Range Plans for Venner Park, it was suggested that more trash cans are really needed there. Director Wilkey motioned to amend the previous motion to include the purchase of two additional trash cans (for a total of 4 trash cans, 4 dome lids, 4 cable kits, and 4 pedestal mounts). Director Schendel seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The Office Building and Compound were addressed. The Secretary reported that she was very happy with the two new lighting fixtures that Director Stapp and President Jacobs had recently installed inside the office. Director Stapp will submit the receipt to the Secretary so the District can reimburse him for what he spent on the new lighting. Further discussion about the need for a new Bulletin Board was postponed and will be addressed again at the next meeting.

The Audit agreement for FYE 2015 was discussed. Director Hayhurst motioned to hire Paul Kaymark with The Pun Group, LLP to prepare and provide the upcoming Audit. Director Schendel seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The Policies and Procedures items on the agenda (the updated Code of Ethics and the Safety Policy) were postponed for further discussion next month.

The 2015/16 Budget Workshop was held. The Secretary will prepare the Budget Resolution to be reviewed and adopted at the next board meeting.

The General Manager reported that the County warrant money coming in (the portion of the property tax dollars received gradually throughout the year) arrived in large amounts during April, which means that the District currently has about $20,000 more than what the March financial totals/statements show. She also reported that the post she shared on Facebook last week warning the public about an increase of vehicle break-ins in the area had just approached 367 views and was being shared and commented on online.

Director Hayhurst made a few comments about the recent Governor’s executive order asking for a 25% reduction of water use. It was her belief that if we calculate the square footage of Barstow Heights Park and subtract the two sections (20x40 feet each) where cement slabs for the new covered picnic areas went in recently, the District has likely already met that reduction requirement. She also shared that as the drought continues, grass should be maintained only where it makes the most sense (like in our parks where children play on it) and not just for beautifying any hill or area where it is rarely seen or utilized. There were no additional Director’s Reports to be discussed.

President Jacobs asked the Secretary if there were any additional bills to be paid. She indicated that there were none. Director Wilkey motioned to pay all of the bills as presented. Director Schendel seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

There was no New Business to address, but an Executive Session was requested by President Jacobs at 7:17 PM. The meeting resumed again at 7:18 PM. The next Regular Meeting was scheduled for Monday, May 18th at 6:00 PM. The meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.

Submitted by:  Jen Rubio - Secretary/General Manager

Friday, May 15, 2015

Agenda for 5/18 Board Meeting

Monday, May 18th, 2015 - 6:00 PM

1.   Call to Order and Flag Salute

2.   Roll Call and Recognition of Guests

3.   Public Comments/Questions

4.   Consent Items:   Minutes – April 27th, 2015
                              Financial Reports – April of 2015

5.   Correspondence

6.   Parks:        Barstow Heights:    Safety Check List and Ground Squirrels
                                                            Proposal from Critter Busters
                                                            Pedestals for Plaques to honor Kelley/Davis
                                                            Long Range Plans
                                                                        Purchase of picnic tables (2), barbecue grills (2),
                                                                                    trash cans (4), and benches (8)
                                                                        Street Lamp added to East side of basketball court

                        Venner:                       Safety Check List
                                   Long Range Plans - Trash cans and Benches

7.   Office Building & Compound:       Long Range Plans - Bulletin Board

8.   2015/16 Budget Resolution 2015-2

9.   Government Code 61047 - Board of Directors Compensation

10. Policies and Procedures - Code of Ethics, Safety Policy, Purchasing Policy

11. General Manager’s Report

12.  Directors’ Reports

13.  Bills:         Robert Stapp - $86.34 (reimburse for purchase of new lighting in office)
                        Edison - $101.58         Terminix - $40.00       Verizon - $93.80

14.  New Business

15.  Executive Session – Litigation GC54956.99 (A) and Personnel GC54957.1

16.  Adjournment