Thursday, January 3, 2013

Special Alert - BEWARE of dangerous dogs!

Several Barstow Heights residents have been sharing this information on Facebook and we want to continue warning people about this until the problem is taken care of:

It has been reported that we have a pack of 3 dogs (2 pit bulls and a light brown mutt) loose in the Barstow Heights area. They have been a nuisance in our neighborhoods for nearly a month now. They have killed a pigmy goat and one jumped a fence to kill a pet rabbit. They have most recently attacked a miniature horse that suffered extensive wounds and needs hospitalization for a few days. Numerous residents have reported that they have seen these dogs jump 6-foot tall fences and get into their garbage cans. Animal Control has been setting up traps for them for several weeks with no success. Be on the lookout and if you see them please call Animal Control right away - they are fully aware of them as they have been notified multiple times, but just cannot seem to track them down.

The number to reach Animal Control is 800-472-5609.
It would be a very good idea to save this number to your cell phone now so you will be prepared if and when you spot them.

These dogs have been aggressive towards people, so please be smart and do not approach them. Keep your small pets inside and especially keep a close eye on your kids!

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