Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Minutes from 2/25 Meeting (approved 3/25/13)

February 25th, 2013
President Jacobs opened the meeting at 6:00 PM and Director Wilkey led the group in the flag salute.  Directors Jacobs, King, Stapp, and Wilkey were present.  Director Schendel was absent due to a search and rescue mission to find a missing person.  The only guest in attendance was John Heald, owner of Unique Landscaping.  There were no public comments/questions.

President Jacobs requested a motion on the Consent Items.  Director Stapp motioned to accept the Minutes of the January 28th, 2013 Meeting, along with the Financial Report for January of 2013 as presented.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Correspondence was offered for review.  Director Jacobs highlighted a Notification Letter from our insurance company, SDRMA, seeking nominations to fill 4 of 7 seats on their Board that are up for election this year.

The Form 700, Statement of Economic Interests, for each Director was reviewed and signed.  President Jacobs explained to our guest that all publicly elected officials are legally required to submit this form once a year.

H Street Park was addressed.  The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed.  Director Stapp reported that the Ground Squirrels continue to be absent for now, but are likely to come back as the weather starts to warm up.  The Board is still waiting for more information from Town & County Tree Service regarding Bid 12-03 Tree Maintenance.  The Board asked Mr. Heald of Unique Landscaping if Tree Maintenance is a service he offers.  He replied that he did and would be willing to take a look at our trees to give us an additional bid and suggestions on work that could be done to help us with our protruding tree root problem if needed.  The Board then discussed the Rules & Regulations Sign that went missing from H Street Park some time ago and needs replacing.  The Secretary provided them with a photo of the 2 foot by 3 foot green reflective metal sign that is currently still at Venner Park.  She also provided a new estimate of $162 ($27 per square foot) to have each sign made by Desert Signs of Barstow.  The Board agreed that it would be a good idea to have one spare sign made, plus one to replace a damaged sign at Venner Park, in addition to replacing the missing sign at H Street Park, for a total of three new Signs.  Director King motioned to order and pay for the three new Rules & Regulations Signs.  Director Stapp seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The Secretary was directed to get the three new Signs ordered.

Venner Park was addressed.  The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed.  The Secretary reported that she talked with Mark Gerardi about solutions for the gopher that is back.  The advice Mr. Gerardi offered is that gophers don’t tend to stay in our climate for very long and will usually go away on their own as it gets warmer.  The Board was concerned that the wood chips at Venner are so low again.  Director King motioned to order another truck load of new wood chips from the same supplier we used last time.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The Secretary was directed to order a truckload of wood chips to be delivered and blown into place as soon as possible.

Proposal 12-04 (Landscaping at Venner) was reviewed and the Board asked a lot of questions as they discussed the Landscaping project in detail with Mr. John Heald of Unique Landscaping.  His company was the only one to submit a detailed estimate with photos and rock samples last month.  The Board

reviewed his estimate and the sketch of the proposed landscaping layout again.  Director King suggested adding a Smoke Tree in the South (top) corner.  Director Stapp suggested another on the East (side) corner as well.  After many questions back and forth about how many trees would be needed, where they should be located, whether there should be any shrubs at all, as well as what kind or irrigation system would be the most durable and require the least maintenance, the Board came to agree upon the following list of project specifications:

Brighton Stone wall blocks to create a retaining wall along the top edge of the volleyball court and tie into a curb that is already there will be added.  8 Trees (Redwood Ash) will be planted in the South-West section above the retaining wall, no Shrubs in this area.  The Horseshoe pits will be refurbished with new angle irons, wood, and sand.  New sand will be added to the Volleyball pit area as well.  2 Smoke Trees will be planted in the South-East corner along with a few large decorative boulders that are being donated will also be put in place.  6 Redwood Ash Trees will be planted on the East (side).  No decorative rock will be added, but sand and desert variety Shrubs will be used as filler where needed.  The irrigation system will consist of hard plastic bubblers with Street L’s (which are the sturdiest fittings possible that will also allow them to move 360 degrees).  A total of 16 trees (2 of them Smoke Trees) and approximately 15 or more shrubs will be included.  The cost of the project will include all of the labor as well as demolition and removal of the existing shrubs, weeds, and debris that is there currently.

Director King made a motion to reconvene to a Special Meeting in two weeks (Monday, March 11th) to review the revised estimate and sign the contract for work to be done by Unique Landscaping then, as long as the contract and pricing meets Board approval.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Bid 13-01 to clean, fill, and seal the cracks in both Parking Lots at Venner park and H street park was reviewed.  President Jacobs motioned to send the Bid sheets out as presented.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Safety Review report that is to be submitted quarterly to SDRMA was reviewed.  Director King motioned to approve it.  President Jacobs seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The Secretary was directed to contact SDRMA to ask if this report is still required of us each quarter.

The Website/blog was discussed briefly.  The Secretary informed the Board that she continues to keep it updated.  The General Manager reported on some of the most recent tasks she had completed at the office including finishing up some of the Payroll taxes that she had just learned were delinquent.

President Jacobs requested Directors’ reports.  There were none.  President Jacobs asked the Secretary if there were any additional bills to be paid.  She indicated there were none.  Director King motioned to pay the bills as presented.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The secretary was directed to contact Unique Landscaping to remind their secretary that their final Contract with copies of their License and Insurance be sent to us by Tuesday, March 5th for the Board to review before the March 11th Special Meeting.

The next Special Meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 11th, 2013 at 6:00 PM.  The meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jen Rubio - Secretary

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