Monday, April 1, 2013

Packed Parks on Easter Weekend!

We were so glad to see our two Parks packed so full of people this past weekend! We are so pleased to see them utilized and so busy this time of year when the weather is so lovely. Here are a few photos we took to try to show you the crowds present at both Parks on Sunday afternoon, March 31st. We hope you all had a Happy Easter and thank you for visiting and enjoying our beautiful Parks!
 The crowd at Barstow Heights Park, corner of H street and Rimrock (above).
 The main parking lot was full, so there were quite a few cars parked on the
South side of Barstow Heights Park as well (above).
 The busy playground at Venner Park, corner of Panamint and K street (above).
 South-side view of Venner Park (above).
View of Venner Park from the South-East corner (above).

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