Thursday, June 27, 2013

Currently Seeking a New Board Member!

Only one candidate, Director Robert Stapp, filed a declaration of candidacy to fill one of the upcoming vacancies on the Board of Directors for the Barstow Heights Community Services District, so we are currently looking for one more person who may be interested in becoming a Director.  Because too few candidates filed a declaration of candidacy in May 2013 for the open position(s), an election will not take place, and we are now looking for someone to take the position voluntarily. The appointee would officially take office in December 2013 and serve for a period of 2 years (short-term) or 4 years (full-term). This appointee must be a registered voter and a current resident living within the boundaries of Barstow Heights. His or her responsibilities will include attending a monthly Board Meeting as well as seeking out and determining solutions that will continue to improve the quality of our community parks and neighborhoods. We suggest that anyone who is interested in the position should join us in person at one of our upcoming Board Meetings to see for themselves exactly what the job involves. If you or someone you know would like to apply, please contact Jen Rubio, Secretary/General Manager, for more information and she will also help to answer any questions/concerns you may have. Her office hours and contact information are listed in the column on the right side of this posting.

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