Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Warning to Keep your Pets Safe!

A Barstow Heights resident has reported that she suspects that animals in her neighborhood (near Crestview and L street) are being poisoned.   So far, the only animals we believe have been affected have been stray cats and kittens.  A feral cat was taken to a local vet who did confirm that he suspected poisoning as well, but it was too late to save it.  While it is unknown whether the suspected poisoning was accidental or intentional and we don't want to cause unnecessary alarm, we would like to at least inform residents in the area of the potential danger and remind you to please continue to keep a close eye on all of your pets.  Please be careful not to allow them to wander away from the safety of your own home/property.  If you have seen anything suspicious you would like to report or have any further information or concerns to share with the public,
please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you!

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