Thursday, August 14, 2014

Have flood damage? Please contact us now!

Attention Barstow Heights Residents who have been affected by the recent flash flooding:  We are working with the San Bernardino County OES (Office of Emergency Services) to get a better estimation as to how much damage was done to homes/properties. If enough damage is reported, some residents MAY qualify for emergency aid/assistance, but in order to do so, we have to have "Damage Survey" report forms filled out and returned to us as quickly as possible. There is no guarantee that funding will be given and we haven't been given much time to gather this information from our residents, but we ask that all residents who have flood damage to report PLEASE contact us by e-mail ( ASAP or text message your address to Jen Rubio at 760-220-0683 so we can be certain that you are not overlooked (as we're not sure exactly how many homes/businesses have been affected). General Manager, Jen Rubio, will be delivering the forms in person again TONIGHT (Thursday 8/14) to residences that we believe might have flood damage to report, and we don't want to miss anyone, so PLEASE contact us now to ensure that you do receive the proper forms to fill out. Thanks!

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