Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Barstow Heights Park is CLOSED Temporarily for Construction!

Construction began this morning (Tuesday 9/9/14), at Barstow Heights Park that is located on the corner of H Street and Rimrock Rd. We are very excited to finally announce this improvement project that the Board of Directors have been planning for more than a year now. The improvements being made will include the construction of TWO new shade canopies (20 feet wide by 40 feet in length), the addition of three new picnic tables, new trash cans, and new barbecues; as well as new cement foundations and sidewalks/ramps that meet all of the ADA requirements. New benches/seating on each side the basketball court will also be added. Our park will soon feature more picnic areas that are covered/shaded and will be much more accessible and user-friendly to guests with wheelchairs, strollers, and rolling ice chests! The project is expected to take a few weeks to complete, so for now, THE PARK IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC with the exception of the Basketball Court. The Basketball Court will remain open as long as those who use it will respect the temporary orange fencing and stay out of the closed section of the park.  We are hopeful that we will be able to open the park again beginning Friday, September 19th, as long as the Construction is able to progress as scheduled. In the meantime, we recommend that residents and guests visit nearby Venner Park that is located on the corner of K Street and Panamint Rd.
THANK YOU for your patience while we are
Closed for Construction...
we can't wait to reveal all the NEW improvements
as soon as they are completed!
It's going to be beautiful!!
 All of the painted white lines show where new sidewalks will be added...
this sidewalk will connect from the parking lot to the restrooms
and then to the shaded picnic areas and playground.
 More new sidewalks being added near the restrooms
to connect them to the covered picnic areas and parking lot.
 South location where one of the new 20x40 foot slabs and shade canopies will be added.
 Another view of the South location where one of the new 20x40 foot slabs
and shade canopies will be added.
 The painted white lines show where the sidewalk ramp going down the hill will be located.
 The old barbecue and slab on the North side will be replaced
with a another new 20x40 foot slab and shade canopy.
View looking up the hill from the location of the North side shade canopy.
Painted lines show where sidewalks are being added to connect
both covered picnic areas with the playground.

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