Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Minutes from 10/26/15 Meeting (approved 11/17/15)

Monday, October 26, 2015

President Jacobs called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM and Director Hayhurst led the group in the flag salute. Directors Jacobs, Schendel, Stapp, and Hayhurst were all present. Director Wilkey was absent. There were no guests in attendance.

The Consent Items were reviewed. Director Stapp motioned to accept the Minutes of the September 29th, 2015 Meeting, along with the Financial Reports for September of 2015 as presented. President Jacobs seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The Correspondence file was offered for review. President Jacobs reported on the correspondence from the County Elections office. The Secretary had confirmed by email and with a follow up phone conversation that Daryl Schendel was set to appointed in Lieu of Election, just as the Board had recommended. The item will be listed on the agenda for approval at the November 3rd meeting of the County Board of Supervisors. President Jacobs also reviewed the invitation to all of the Directors from the Mojave Water Agency to attend the November 17th Newly Elected Officials Orientation meeting.

Barstow Heights Park was addressed. The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed. There were no safety or maintenance issues reported in the past month. Director Hayhurst had nothing new to report about working out a time that the gas cartridges can be set off inside the fenced area surrounding the water tower. President Jacobs reported that he found four new holes around the outside of the Office Compound, so he had set off four gas cartridges to remedy them and will continue to keep an eye on them.

The Board discussed the final plans for the Dedication Ceremony at Barstow Heights Park on Wednesday, November 4th starting at 10:00 AM.  Director Hayhurst confirmed that the City of Barstow will be bringing their portable PA system for our use. The order and specifics of the program were determined. The Secretary will purchase and bring the refreshments (muffins, cookies, and fruit from Costco). A recording of the two speakers (Beverly Lowry and Dick Jacobs) will be made, so the Secretary can type up a transcript of what was said, to be given to Barbara’s daughter, Jan Fowler, as a keepsake (and to preserve the history of the District). The Secretary will also type up and have programs printed to be given out to guests as they arrive.

The list of Long Range Plans for Barstow Heights Park was addressed. Bid 01-15 was discussed first. Two bids had been received; one from Linebaugh Construction and one from Siembab & Sons Construction, Inc. President Jacobs motioned to accept the bid from Linebaugh Construction and hire them to install the new shade canopy and picnic tables on the West side of the park for $49,584.00. Further discussion clarified that prevailing wages are included in the bid and that the cost of the engineering (including new site plans) would also be included for that price. Director Schendel seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The Secretary had nothing new to report about progress on the Street Lamps. The quote from Ellis Fence Company to install 40 additional feet of hand-railing with skateboard deterrent knobs along the West side of the sidewalk ramp was reviewed. Director Stapp motioned to accept and approve the estimate from Ellis Fence Company to do the work for $2,650.00. Director Hayhurst seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. The Board reviewed the items on Director Schendel’s list (Long Range Plans) and merged those ideas with the other list of ideas that had been started back in January of 2015. The Secretary will use her notes from the discussion to revise and type all of the ideas into just one new Long Range Plans List. Director Stapp encouraged the Board to make the Shade Covers for the playground equipment at both parks the highest priority, so that they can be completed by next summer when the hot weather returns. The Board also agreed that new Wood Chips are needed again and should be purchased and replaced early next year. The Secretary was directed to get an estimate from Unique Landscaping to remove the shrubs in front of the office and put in rocks (preferably not white rock) and desert landscaping/plants around the outside of the office compound. The Secretary was also directed to add the engineering for a retaining wall and sidewalks at the front (North) side of the park to the agenda for the next meeting.

Venner Park was addressed. The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed. There were no safety or maintenance issues reported in the past month. President Jacobs reported that he had been researching Shade Covers for parks online and had compiled a list of nine different companies that do that kind of work. President Jacobs volunteered to call and start requesting estimates from those companies that are interested. The Secretary will look into finding some companies that are based in Las Vegas also, since they might have more experience installing the kind of Shade Covers that hold up best in desert climates.

The Office Building and Compound were addressed. The Secretary reported that she was very pleased and excited about the repairs and painting of the interior walls/ceiling that was done by JDR Construction recently. The work was completed in two days (October 6th and 7th) and was paid for upon completion on October 8th. She did take a few photos of the work as it was in progress to add to the history book. President Jacobs and Director Hayhurst will determine a “work date” that works best for both of them to come assist the Secretary with cleaning out the kitchen cupboards some time in mid-late November or early December.

The Purchasing Policy was addressed. The Board discussed the new draft of the Purchasing Policy briefly and decided to wait and review it again before approving it. The Secretary was directed add the item to next month’s Agenda.

The General Manager reported that as usual, she had been kept very busy at the office during the past month. She unexpectedly found herself needing to work three extra days (on a Monday and two Fridays) to make up for the two days the office was closed for renovations and the third day when the paint fumes were still so strong that she couldn’t stand them long enough to get any work done. The Auditor had also contacted her that week to let her know that he would be unable to attend the October Board Meeting as planned, and would need to reschedule for the November meeting (preferably, Tuesday November 17th, if that will work for the Board of Directors). The Director’s agreed that the new date would work for them.

President Jacobs asked if any of the Directors had any Reports they wanted to discuss. There were none.

President Jacobs asked the Secretary if there were any additional bills to be presented. She indicated that there was one new bill that had just arrived from California Special Districts Association (CSDA) for $226.00 (annual membership fee). Director Hayhurst motioned to pay all of the bills as presented. Director Schendel seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. There was no New Business to address and no Executive Session was requested.

The next Regular Meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th at 6:00 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 7:17 PM.

Submitted by:
Jen Rubio - Secretary/General Manager

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