Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minutes from 9/23 Meeting (approved 10/28/13)

September 23rd, 2013

President Jacobs opened the meeting at 6:00 PM and Director Wilkey led the group in the flag salute.  Directors Jacobs, King, Stapp, and Wilkey were all present.  Director Schendel was not in attendance, but was expected to arrive shortly.  One guest, Jeanette Hayhurst, a resident of Barstow Heights, attended to show her interest in the vacant Director position and to apply for the job.  Director Jacobs welcomed her to the meeting.  There were no public comments or questions.

President Jacobs requested a motion on the Consent Items.  Director Stapp motioned to accept the Minutes of the August 26th, 2013 Meeting, along with the Financial Report for August of 2013 as presented.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Correspondence was offered for review.  President Jacobs highlighted a letter received from SDRMA with a certificate of award for having achieved no paid claims for the last five consecutive years.  At 6:03 PM Director Daryl Schendel entered the meeting.

The Board Vacancies, one (ST) short-term and one (LT) long-term, were discussed.  Director Schendel expressed his willingness to return as a Director, which would result in just one vacancy left to fill.  The Secretary reported that she had talked with Alex Loa at the County Elections Office last week.  He had confirmed that Director Robert Stapp would be “appointed in lieu of election,” and that they would be sending a packet full of forms we would need to fill out and submit as soon as possible to get the appointment process started for Director Stapp, as well as to fill the other vacancies.  Resident Jeanette Hayhurst expressed her interest in joining the Board of Directors to fill the last vacancy.  The Board looked over her resume and asked her a few questions.  Director King motioned that Board recommend that Jeanette Hayhurst and Daryl Schendel be appointed as Directors, pending the application and approval process required by the County.  President Jacobs seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously, with Director Schendel abstaining from the vote.

H Street Park was addressed.  The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed.  Director Stapp reported that the Ground Squirrels are fewer in number but still present.  Of the 9 holes he bombed last month, only two had been re-opened and appeared to be active.  He agreed to meet President Jacobs here at 8:15am the next morning to set off a few more extermination cartridges again as needed.  Bid 13-03, the proposed Covered Picnic Areas, Tables, and Benches, was discussed.  President Jacobs reviewed all of the specifics outlined on the new proposed Bid Sheet he had recently updated again.  The changes made to the original plan included that the second Covered Picnic Area is to be added much farther back in the South corner, as suggested by Director Wilkey, which would result in needing to remove the large Cottonwood tree in the South-East corner in addition to the two Elm trees on the North side.  Upon project completion, four new trees would be planted to replace those removed, but their exact placement would need to be determined after the new construction is completed.  The Board agreed to also include the addition of two 8-foot-long athletic Benches to the basketball court area as part of the same project with the same contractor, and to give the contractor the responsibility of ordering, unloading, storing, assembling, and transporting in all of the new Tables and Benches to complete the job.  The Secretary was directed to call Mark Gerardi to find out the exact make and model numbers of the Benches for the Basketball Court to specify on the Bid Sheet so the Contractor can order the correct items.  The Board wants them to be similar to the plastic-coated metal Benches (with no backs) that they’ve seen the City use at Dana Park, as they appear to ensure minimal graffiti/vandalism.  The Secretary was also directed to mail the Bid Sheets out right away since all Bids would be due back by October 22nd so the Directors will have them in time to be reviewed at the next Regular Board Meeting.  It was also suggested that the Bid Sheets state that the areas of the Park under construction remain clean, secure, and safe for the public at the close of each work day.  Director Wilkey motioned to accept the corrected and amended Bid Sheet 13-03 and get them sent out.  Director Schendel seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  The Secretary was also directed to get new estimates from Tree removal companies right away to determine the cost of removing the 3 trees and a creosote bush near the basketball court before construction is set to begin.  President Jacobs reported that he had recently met with John Heald of Unique Landscaping about the repair of the sprinkler system and weed removal/trimming of bushes needed outside the office building.  The price to do the job would be $490 and work could begin in early October.  Director Schendel motioned that we hire Unique Landscaping to do the work as specified.  Director Wilkey seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Venner Park was addressed.  The Safety Check List from the City was reviewed.  The Secretary was directed to talk with Mark Gerardi again for an update on the light poles that are still in need of new bulbs/covers.  The new irrigation system for trees on the Northwest side was discussed again.  President Jacobs and John Heald of Unique Landscaping recently walked the area in question together and counted 16 bubblers that are needed.  At $31 each, the cost to add them would be $496.  Director King motioned that we hire Unique Landscaping to add the new irrigation system at Venner Park.  Director Schendel seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Checking Account Balance was discussed again.  The Secretary was directed to go ahead and open another Certificate of Deposit (CD #5); an investment of $70,000 from the Checking Account for a term of 6 months.

The Policy and Procedure Manual was discussed very briefly.  The Secretary reported that she has found a few more things in the files and that she continues to add them to the book.

The General Manager reported that she keeps the Blog (BarstowHeights.blogspot.com) updated by continuing to post the most recent Meeting Agendas and Minutes.  The Facebook page currently has 97 followers, with no new activity to be reported.

President Jacobs requested the Directors’ reports.  Director Wilkey mentioned that he had noticed that Mr. Hilarides had fenced in his wood pile.  He also had concerns about two pit bulls that had been loose near O and P Streets that he been told had attacked someone.  He wondered if any of the Director’s knew anything more about either of these situations, but they didn’t.  Director Stapp asked the Secretary about the quarterly Safety Review Report that he believed should be due soon and reminded her to check the schedule to make sure we stay on track with those.  Director King mentioned that he noticed a house on the corner of Calico near either J or K Streets that is quite a mess.  President Jacobs said he would investigate to determine the exact location so it can be reported to County Code Enforcement.

President Jacobs asked the Secretary if there were any additional bills to be paid.  She indicated there were none.  Director Wilkey motioned to pay the bills as presented.  Director Stapp seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

There was no new business to address.  The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 28th, 2013 at 6:00 PM.  The meeting adjourned at 7:17 PM.

Submitted by:
Jen Rubio - Secretary/General Manager

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