Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Minutes from 11/27/17 Meeting (approved 1/22/18)

Monday, November 27th, 2017

President Jacobs called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM and Director Low led the group in the flag salute. All five directors were present (Jacobs, Schendel, Stapp, Hayhurst, and Low). There were no guests in attendance.

The secretary called the auditor, Paul Kaymark, and put him on speaker phone so all the directors could hear and communicate with him at the same time. Director Hayhurst began by asking the auditor if he recommended that an MD & A (management, discussion, and analysis) report be written. The auditor responded that the first two statements shown in the audit report, including the balance sheet, offer an adequate comparison between the most recent two years, and therefore, should suffice as a total summary, due to the small size of the district. He concluded that no additional written reports were necessary. The auditor reported that after having visited the secretary at the office to observe office procedures, and having reviewed all the required receipts and documentation, he was happy to give the district a clean audit for the fiscal year of 2016-17. When asked for his recommendation, the auditor also suggested that the district continue to maintain a reserve of funds, large enough to cover operating expenses for 2-3 years. Director Hayhurst motioned to accept the audit report for FY 2016-17, as drafted and presented. Director Low seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The consent items were reviewed. President Jacobs motioned to accept the minutes of the October 23rd, 2017 meeting, along with the financial reports for October of 2017, as presented. Director Stapp seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

The correspondence file was offered for review. The secretary called the board’s attention to a flyer promoting a training workshop offered by the CSDA and LAFCO on Thursday 12/7 in Rialto, CA. She informed that board that she was interested in attending the free workshop regarding “Technology and the Public Records Act.” The board agreed that she should plan to attend.

Barstow Heights Park was addressed. The safety check list from the City of Barstow was reviewed. There were no new safety or maintenance issues listed. The report did state that the turf had recently been aerated. President Jacobs reported that the ground squirrels continue to be controlled.

President Jacobs reported that he had talked to another contractor in town and had given him the spec sheet for the street lamp installation project and that the secretary had mailed another copy to Zapp Electric also, but no new proposals had been received. The secretary recently learned that JDR Construction might also be interested in the job, so she will get the specs sent to John Rowe as well.

The secretary reported that Unique Landscaping had replied to her email request for an update and that a new pepper tree to replace the dead one had been ordered and was expected to arrive within a few weeks. Director Stapp then reported that he and President Jacobs had replaced the basketball nets at Barstow Heights Park last month, but then he had just noticed as he was arriving for the meeting, that they now appear to be falling off again. He will fix/adjust them and continue to check up on them. President Jacobs then reported that Director Stapp had also discovered that many of the foundational metal plates/support pads that the framework of the first set of shade canopies were built upon, are rusted and seriously corroding. The plates are bolted into the concrete, so perhaps the corrosion can be cleaned up and a water-proof protective coating of some kind can be applied to preserve them.

Venner Park was addressed. The safety check list from the City of Barstow was reviewed. There were no new safety or maintenance issues reported. The report did state that the turf had recently been aerated. It also noted that brick pillars in the picnic area were painted to match the restrooms, due to some recent graffiti that needed covering. The secretary will make sure that Mark Gerardi knows about the two poles in the fitness area that are missing their caps and thus, need replacing also.

Director Stapp updated the board about what he had most recently been told regarding the shade cover project (three canopies to shade the playground equipment at both parks). The contractor was currently still working with the County to get the permits approved.

President Jacobs reported that the trash cans are expected to arrive during either the first or second week of December. The plan was still that once delivered to JDR Construction, President Jacobs will contact the City and meet up with one of the groundskeepers to coordinate and mark where the trash cans will go, taking into consideration where the sprinkler lines are located, so John Rowe can avoid them during installation. The secretary will also inquire with Mark Gerardi about the missing trees and bushes that were supposed to be replaced at Venner park.

The office building and compound were addressed next. The secretary reported (and the board could see) that the new countertops had been installed beautifully (a lighter shade of quartz instead of granite). The plumbing underneath the sink would need to be re-done completely since the old plumbing was so old and corroded. She anticipated that the sanding, painting, and new hardware on the cabinets, as well as, new lights/electrical, and new flooring will be completed within the next month, most likely before Christmas. The secretary will ask John Rowe about the possibility of adding an on-demand electric (220 unit) water heater under the sink and find out how much that would cost.

The general manager had nothing new to report that hadn’t already been discussed.

President Jacobs asked for the directors’ reports. Director Hayhurst reported that she had recently attended the dinner and program hosted by the Association of the San Bernardino County Special Districts in Hesperia, where Assemblyman Jay Obernolte was the speaker. She was very impressed with him and enjoyed the evening. She had also just received a notice from the water company about the new pipeline that was being laid to connect the new water tank (South of Linda Vista Avenue) starting November 27th. The work was expected to continue through the end of December. Director Hayhurst reminded everyone about the City of Barstow tree lighting that was coming up and Director Low reminded everyone about the festival of lights and learning coming up at Barstow College also. Director Schendel mentioned some details about   a house that needed reporting to code enforcement.

President Jacobs asked the secretary if there were any additional bills to be presented. She indicated that there were none. Director Low motioned to pay all the bills, as presented. Director Schendel seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

There was no new business to address and no executive session requested.  The next regular meeting was scheduled for Monday, January 22nd at 6:00 PM. The meeting adjourned at 6:57 PM.

Submitted by:          
Jen Rubio
Secretary/General Manager

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Agenda for 1/22 Board Meeting

Monday, January 22nd, 2018 - 6:00 PM

1.   Call to Order and Flag Salute

2.   Roll Call and Recognition of Guests

3.   Public Comments/Questions

4.   Consent Items:      Minutes – November 27th, 2017
                               Financial Reports – November and December of 2017

5.   Correspondence

6.   Parks:         Barstow Heights:       Safety Check List and Ground Squirrels
                                                            Pepper Tree (replaced 3 weeks ago)
                                                            One more new trash can (by the exit/south gate)

                        Venner Park:             Safety Check List
                                    Shade Cover Project (playground areas of both parks)
                                    Trash Cans installed
                                    Removal of 13 concrete trash cans (9 Venner, 4 BHP)

7.   Office Building & Compound:     Kitchen Renovations (completed)

8.   General Manager’s Report

9.  Directors’ Reports

10.  Bills:         Edison - $90.78 (Dec.)                         Edison - $126.58 (Jan.)
  Terminix - $44.00 (Dec.)                     Terminix - $44.00 (Jan.)                      
                        Frontier Comm. - $89.98 (Dec.)          Frontier Comm. - $90.08 (Jan.)
                        Stewart's Business & Tax Service - $150.00 (accounting/paid quarterly)
                        Jennifer Rubio - $141.92 (reimburse for two pack of printer ink cartridges)
                        Jennifer Rubio - $254.00 (reimburse for CSDA 2018 annual membership fee)

11.  New Business

12.  Executive Session - Litigation GC54956.99 (A) and Personnel GC54957.1

13.  Adjournment